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North sweet child teacher 2017 henan YueShan ChanYin of the traditional Chinese painting class recruit students general rules


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    North incense, painter and poet. Formerly known as chuan-chuan wu, female, was born in 1974, people in anyang city henan province. The national level artists, member of Chinese poetry academy. The famous painter have been fond of painting, shicheng Liu Buchan. No bone flower painting, poetry. Classic style, pure and fresh, has a unique flavor. Works in the art newspaper, "the Chinese painting and calligraphy" and other national arts core journals, in 2014 won the YanHuangBei international poem calligraphy contest. In 2014 was awarded the title of "love home" China welfare foundation. In 2015 works in the light of the second session of Chinese national painting and calligraphy collection. Album: north sweet child peony poems by tianjin people's fine arts publishing house. His works both at home and abroad have a certain influence, was more collectors and art institutions at home and abroad. China, xinhua, China journal net, sina, sohu, netease, phoenix information news, international online, China central television, television stations, anyang, anyang television daily, anyang, henan evening news such as newspapers, magazines, websites and other media reported on their work and reproduced.



    North sweet child together in today's beginning of poetry and a layer of meaning - there is a more important she painted a sense on the painting is not simple, but really the "poetic", this is typical of the definition of literati flower-and-bird paintings. Literati flower-and-bird paintings is a kind of art form unique to China, the painter in depicting the flower and bird objects, not to like to meet, the pursuit of the object's inner spirit, uphold the literati painting painting of flowers and birds painting by sale of abundant, rough washs practice summary, lively, revealing the artistic spirit, xingshenjianbei, lively. Literati paintings, as a comprehensive knowledge, the poem calligraphy to be short of one cannot, this road is difficult and long. North sweet child in the poem &handwriting up and down a lot of work, just got the comely refined, ordinary naive face today. Her paintings exquisite pen line force feeling and lasting appeal, pay attention to the inky level and change, has the quite clear one of six flick south field of view. In a free and easy style pen, shown in point, wipe, Cun, dye her temperament. She is under the impact of the various foreign cultural thoughts and unmoved, carry forward the traditional culture, stick to the spirit of the literati paintings. And instead, the literati of pride and be in harmony of the atmosphere of the peony, perspective and original is fit.


North sweet child on display



"The dream mei"


You sleep pillow under cold moss, fragrance keep my dream.


Jade Xiao Yiqu blow not awake, can appear to feel me?


"Every shade hankage"


Spring breeze who make phoenix harp, cui fen residual red yard deep.


Like a dream in smoke guessing, every shade hankage beauty.



The element LanHuaiXin


Huai xin why the make public, the wisps filar silk through green type.


Flowers drift need not take months to visit, should know celestial beings also hasten is sweet.





"Spring breeze"


On the safety peach blossom for plant, annual hope again.


Meet to know each other too late, not qing yan would not open.





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