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Excellent Appreciation of Chen Ziyi ' s Calligraphy in Harbin Excellent Small calligrapher


Chinese art star network/editing/ELF


Calligraphy can develop children's abilities in the following areas



  2. 体验能力。通过眼看手触,体验运笔的迟涩、深浅、提按、顿挫等运笔动作的变化。

  3. 构思想象能力。观察字形能进行联想,想象出第一笔的位置和整个结构安排。





   1. Perception. Can rely on sensory perception of the shape of words, such as the shape of the dots, the structure of the perception of proportion.

   2. Experience ability. Through watching the touch of the hand, experience the late, shallow, pressing, cadence and other changes in the movement of the pen.

   3. Ability to conceive imagination. Observing the glyph makes associations, imagining the position of the first stroke and the overall arrangement of the structure.

   4. Muscle control ability. By wrist, elbow, finger movement, can more freely control the movement of the pen (pen), write their own vision of the dots.

   5. Ability to imitate. Contrast tablet stickers or word posts, by eye capture, the performance of the hand, write similar glyph, this is the comprehensive embodiment of writing intelligence.

   6. Creative capacity. In the exercises and independent writing, there is a creative consciousness, with certain personality characteristics.





    In addition, for a nation, the text is a kind of cohesion. Teaching children to write Chinese characters is to let them understand and experience the national culture, national thoughts and national feelings, but also to understand and experience a national spirit. Teacher Jin Li-chen of Harbin calligrapher is engaged in calligraphy teaching for 20 years. He has his own unique teaching method in the teaching of young children's calligraphy, which can enliven classroom atmosphere and enhance children's interest in learning calligraphy. When many children first came, they changed from not loving writing to being particularly fond of writing, and happily told Mr. Kim, "calligraphy teacher, I like calligraphy most." calligraphy education from the doll is very important. Through the study of calligraphy is conducive to the cultivation of their careful, patient and focused personality, conducive to the development of perseverance and perseverance from childhood.





    Jin Li-chen calligraphy studio adheres to the traditional culture, dedicated to teaching and educating people. By engaged in many years of calligraphy teaching, and long-term training of calligraphy teachers, famous senior lecturer in calligraphy Mr. Jin Lichen lectured. Calligraphy is the art of Chinese characters, not only to cultivate the aesthetic ability of children, but also to exercise patience and perseverance. Kim Li-chen calligraphy studio has been following the practice of good character, do a good human purpose. Cultivate children's positive and sunny mentality, teachers in the classroom, will be different temperament of children, teaching, let each child fall in love with calligraphy class, swim in the line of art space. Welcome friends and children into our happy calligraphy class.


    Calligraphy teaching pays attention to the actual effect, teaching separately, respectively, each student walks his own study progress, each class does not exceed 12 student quota at most. In June 2014, Kingston participated in Harbin 6th (Tang Chen Bian Cup) book and television Grand Prix in more than 260 participants in the calligrapher stand out, won the first prize. The award-winning information has been reported in more than a dozen online media throughout the country. In December 21st 2014, three works of running calligraphy were sold at a large contemporary art auction of famous contemporary calligraphers at the Fushun Tiantian Hotel in Harbin (sponsored by Harbin North Pigeon auction Company) at a high price. In August 16th 2015, two artefacts were sold at a jewelry auction at the Harbin Manhattan Hotel (sponsored by Harbin North Pigeon auction Company) at a high price. In Baidu, Google and other search engines (calligraphy famous Jin Li-chen) can view tens of thousands of records.


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