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中华人民共和国华诞 71 周年摄影 绘画艺术特展

Special exhibition of photography and painting art on the 71st anniversary of the Chinese People's Republic



China Yixing network/editor/Cheerful





协会会员。2000 年退休。




外报刊上发表作品 3000 余幅。并拍







Forty-six years in the army. He once served in the military Commission

Cheng Bing Daily, People's Engineers and general Staff

Photo editor, photojournalist,

Deputy editor. Professional and technical level 4. Chinese photographer

Member of the Association. He retired in 2000.

In the meantime, deep into the plateau, the field and

At the front, a lot of pictures were taken reflecting the revolutionary nature of the troops,

Pictures of regularization and modernization in the army

He has published more than 3000 works in foreign newspapers. And pat

Took pictures of MAO Zedong and other Party and state leaders care department

Valuable historical data of team building. Some photographic works are included

Selected army, national and other photographic art exhibitions, Xu

Many works have won awards.

After retirement, he insisted on photography creation and was enthusiastic about it

Popularize photography among the masses to contribute to the waste heat.


Cui Boying's Work "Setting Sun as Snow"

1968 年生,北京青年报社摄影部摄影记者。

曾参加大型采访活动有:2001 年大学生运动会;2003 年抗击非典(31

次进入非典病房采访);2004 年至 2019 年中国网球公开赛;2006 年亚

洲冬运会;2006 年多哈亚运会;2007-2008 年“好运北京”测试赛;2008

年奥运圣火珠峰传递;2008 年汶川大地震;2008 年北京奥运会残奥会;

2009 年国庆 60 周年;2010 年上海世博会;2009-2018 年斯诺克中国公开

赛;2011 年日本大地震;2012 年四川雅安地震;2012 年伦敦奥运会;

2014 年仁川亚运会:2007 年 -2019 年北京两会和全国两会等。中国体育


获奖:2001 年中国体育摄影展银奖 ;2003 年第十二届中国新闻“金

镜头”文化类单幅金奖 ;2003 年中国新闻摄影协会抗击非典优秀新闻摄影

工作者 ;2004 年首届“华赛”文化艺术类组照铜奖 ;2006 年第十五届中国

新闻“金镜头”体育类组照银奖 ;2007 年第十六届中国新闻“金镜头”体

育类组照银奖 ;2008 年第十七届中国新闻“金镜头”体育类单幅铜奖 ;2008

年北京市抗震救灾新闻宣传先进个人 ;2008 年北京奥运会残奥会新闻宣传

突出贡献奖 ;2008 年中国新闻摄影协会抗震救灾优秀新闻摄影工作者 ;2009

年第中国新闻摄影“金镜头”日常生活类单幅金奖 ;2009 年中国体育摄影

展金奖 ;2012 年中国新闻摄影“金镜头”体育类单幅金奖 ;2012 年中国新

闻摄影“金镜头”突发类组照铜奖 ;2013 年中国新闻摄影“金镜头”体

育单幅金奖 ;2014 年中国新闻摄影“金镜头”自然环保组照银奖 ;2015 年

中国新闻摄影“金镜头”体育单幅金奖 ;2017 年北京新闻奖 摄影一等

奖 ;2019 年北京新闻奖摄影一等奖。

Born in 1968, photographer of Photography Department of Beijing Youth Newspaper.

Participated in large-scale interview activities including: university Games in 2001; Fighting against SARS in 2003 (31

I entered the SARS ward for an interview); China Open tennis Tournament from 2004 to 2019; In 2006,

Asian Winter Games; 2006 Doha Asian Games; 2007-2008 "Good Luck Beijing" test competition; 2008

2008 Olympic Torch Relay on Mount Everest; The Wenchuan earthquake in 2008; 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and Paralympics;

National Day 60th anniversary in 2009; Shanghai World Expo 2010; 2009-2018 Snooker China open

"; The 2011 Earthquake in Japan; The ya 'an earthquake in Sichuan in 2012; The 2012 London Olympics;

2014 Incheon Asian Games: 2007-2019 Beijing Two sessions and the National Two Sessions, etc. China's sports

He is the official photographer of the Beijing Olympic Games Organizing Committee.

Awards: Silver Award of China Sports Photography Exhibition in 2001; The 12th China News "Jin" in 2003

Golden Award for lens culture; In 2003, the Chinese Photojournalism Association fought against SARS

Workers; In 2004, the first "Huazai" Culture and Art group Photo Bronze Award; The fifteenth China in 2006

Silver Award for news "Golden Lens" sports photo group; The 16th "Golden Lens" of Chinese News in 2007

Silver award for breeding group photos; In 2008, the 17th China News "Golden Lens" Sports Single Bronze Award; 2008

Beijing Earthquake relief News publicity Advanced individual; Press and publicity for the 2008 Beijing Olympic And Paralympic Games

Outstanding Contribution Award; In 2008, China Press Photo Association earthquake relief Outstanding news photographer; 2009

China press photography "Golden Lens" daily life category single gold medal; China Sports Photography, 2009

Exhibition gold award; In 2012, China press photography "Golden Lens" sports single gold Medal; China new in 2012

Bronze Award for "Golden Lens" sudden category of photography; China's 2013 Press photo "Golden Lens" body

Gold Medal in single format; Silver Award in 2014 China Press Photography "Golden Lens" Natural environmental Group photo; In 2015,

China press photography "Golden Lens" sports single gold medal; Photography first class at the 2017 Beijing Press Awards

Award; The first prize of Beijing Journalism Awards in 2019.


Cui Jun's Skiing Dream


1994 年起用油画、水墨、摄影等多媒体的方式进行创作,他的创作



自 1997 至今曾在北京、香港、上海、伦敦、柏林、纽约、巴黎、阿

姆斯特丹及米兰等地举办个展。1998 年至今曾参与多达三十余个国际群

展,其中有:1998 年在伦敦维多利亚阿尔伯特博物馆举办的《红色中国》、

2004 年在纽约国际摄影中心和芝加哥当代美术馆举办的《过去与未来 -

中国新摄影与录像艺术》、2013 年美国大都会美术馆的《古法今用》水



们是你们的未来》莫斯科双年展、西班牙马德里 ARTIUM 当代摄影展、《龙




中心、维多利亚 . 阿尔博特博物馆、美国哈佛大学美术馆、纽约摄影艺术

中心、美国大都会博物馆及世界各地很多重要的美术馆、Artur Walther、

Lawrence Schiller、Thomas Kann 、尤伦斯男爵夫妇(比利时)、希克(瑞


Huang Yan is one of the most representative avant-garde artists in contemporary China.

In 1994, he began to use oil painting, ink painting, photography and other multimedia methods to create his works

Diversified forms often infuse traditional painting and behavioral elements in photography, and contemporary elements in painting

Factor, combining Zen art with American industrial art in ink painting.

Since 1997, he has worked in Beijing, Hong Kong, Shanghai, London, Berlin, New York, Paris and Paris

He held solo exhibitions in Amsterdam and Milan. It has participated in more than 30 international groups since 1998

Among them: Red China at London's Victoria and Albert Museum in 1998,

"Past and Future -" in 2004 at the International Center of Photography in New York and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago

Chinese New Photography and Video Art, 2013, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, USA

Ink Art Exhibition, Guangzhou Triennale, Chengdu Biennale, Prague Biennale, Israel Image Biennale,

Image Biennale in Sao Paulo, Fort in Oslo, Mahjong in Bern, Me

We are your future, Moscow Biennale, ARTIUM Contemporary Photography, Madrid, Spain, Dragon

New York, Venice Biennale, etc.

It has been collected by many important art galleries around the world. The National Centre for the Performing Arts (NCPA) of China

China, National Art Museum of China, Guangdong Art Museum, British Museum, Pompidou Art of France

Center, Victoria Albert Museum, Harvard University Gallery, New York Photographic Art

Artur Walther, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, and many other major art galleries around the world.

Lawrence Schiller, Thomas Kann, Baron and Wife Of Ulens (Belgium), Sigg (Rui)

Sze, Cheung Chung Yan (Hong Kong), Bao Pei Li (Hong Kong).

黄岩作品《梦 · 仕女》

Huang Yan's Work "Dream · Ladies"

1959 年 9 月生于上海







《方志敏同志诞辰一百周年》、《中国共产党建党 80 周年》等纪念邮票。








个 展

“与写实对话”——季宏敏意象油画展 ( 北京 )

“自然与再造”——季宏敏油画展 ( 北京 )

“自然与再造 • 对话公元 3000 年”——季宏敏超现实主义油画巡回展 ( 北

京、上海展 )

“自然与再造”——季宏敏微型油画展 ( 北京 )

“自然与再造 • 对话公元 3000 年”——季宏敏超现实主义构想系列油画

巡回展 ( 北京、上海展 )



2019 年“季宏敏美术馆”建成开馆(江苏)





第一届威尼斯国际网络双年展获 “网络大奖”









Born in September 1959 in Shanghai

Graduated from the PLA Art Institute of fine Arts department of oil painting major

The former Chinese People's Liberation Army second Artillery Corps political Department professional art designer

Member of Chinese Artists Association

Vice President of Beijing Oil Painting Sculpture Promotion Association

Director of the Visual Arts Committee of The Chinese Stage Art Society

Designed for the country "the 70th Anniversary of the Founding of the People's Liberation Army", "Three Battles of the War of Liberation",

"Comrade Fang Zhimin's centenary", "the 80th Anniversary of the Founding of the Communist Party of China" and other commemorative stamps.

He has participated in the planning and design of national large-scale activities as well as national, provincial and municipal museums and exhibits

Design and production; Over the years, I have participated in the planning and design of nearly 100 domestic and foreign cultural, artistic and tourism projects.

Is the national local government many cultural tourism projects of the general design, the general consultant. CCTV, Beijing TV

Taiwan, People's Daily, PLA Daily and other dozens of media for the special report.

The main exhibition

Participated in the sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth, tenth and eleventh National Art Exhibition

The second and third Chinese Oil painting Exhibition

A fair

"Dialogue with Realism" -- Ji Hongmin's Image Oil Painting Exhibition (Beijing)

"Nature and Reconstruction" -- Ji Hongmin oil Painting Exhibition (Beijing)

"Nature and Reinvention: Dialogue in the year 3000" -- Ji Hongmin's surrealist Oil Painting touring Exhibition (North China)

Beijing and Shanghai Exhibitions)

"Nature and Reconstruction" -- Ji Hongmin miniature Oil Painting Exhibition (Beijing)

"Nature and Reconstruction: Dialogue in the year 3000" -- Ji Hongmin's surrealist Vision series oil paintings

Travelling Exhibition (Beijing, Shanghai exhibition)

"Question of Existence" Ji Hongmin Oil Painting Series Touring Exhibition (Jiangsu)

Personal art gallery

Jihongmin Art Museum completed and opened in 2019 (Jiangsu)

The main prize

The eighth National Fine Arts Exhibition Excellent Works Award

Excellent Works Award at the National Art Exhibition on the 70th anniversary of the Founding of the Party

Award for excellent Works in Sun Yat-sen and Overseas Chinese International Art Exhibition

The First Venice International Internet Biennale won the "Internet Award"

Gold Medal of the 3rd Biennial of Visual Arts of The Stage Art Exhibition

Visited the United States, France, Germany, South Korea, Austria, Italy, Czech Republic,

Russia and other countries.

His works have been exhibited in the United States, France, Germany, South Korea, Italy, Japan and Singapore

And various exhibitions in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai and other places of China. Some of my works have been exhibited in Beijing Poly,

Hanhai, Rongbao and other auction activities. Some works are owned by domestic and foreign art museums, museums and other art institutions and private

People collect. He has worked in Chinese Art, Art Research, Chinese Oil Painting and Chinese Talents.

And nearly one hundred periodicals published nearly one thousand pieces of his works.


Sunset Melting Gold by Ji Hongmin

1950 年出生上海,1968 年入伍,大校军衔。从事军事新闻摄影工作

四十年。1970 年为南京军区某部新闻摄影干事;1971 年至 1984 年为解

放军画报社摄影记者;1985 年至 1992 年为解放军画报社编辑部副主任;

1993 年至 1997 年为解放军画报社副社长;1998 年至 2003 年为解放军画


报协会副会长,《中国摄影》杂志编委。2008 年聘为中国摄影家协会终



击非典,香港、澳门回归的政权交接仪式,建国 50 周年、60 周年大阅兵

的采访报道和协调工作。发表 300 余组摄影专题,100 多幅摄影作品在展



全军摄影理论研讨会。1992 年评为全国优秀新闻工作者,1983 年、1991


He was born in Shanghai in 1950 and joined the army in 1968, holding the rank of senior colonel. Engaged in military photojournalism

For forty years. In 1970, he was a press photographer of a department of the Nanjing Military Command. From 1971 to 1984

Fangjun Pictorial photographer; From 1985 to 1992, he was deputy director of the Editorial Department of the PLA Pictorial Newspaper.

From 1993 to 1997, he was deputy director of the PLA Painting Office. From 1998 to 2003 for the People's Liberation Army painting

The President of the newspaper also holds the post of vice chairman of China Photographers Association, vice President of China Press Photography Association and Chinese painting

Vice President of newspaper Association, editorial board member of China Photography magazine. In 2008, he was hired by China Photographers Association

A consultant. Long-term interview, organization and planning of pictorial publicity work. Took part in the defensive counterattack at The Mountain of Dinglin,

Along with the Chinese navy's first visit to the three South Asian countries, major military exercises and important examples, flood fighting, emergency rescue and resistance

The SARS attack, the handover ceremony of Hong Kong and Macao's return, and the military parade on the 50th and 60th anniversaries of the founding of the People's Republic of China

Interview reporting and coordination work. More than 300 photography projects have been published, and more than 100 photography works are on display

See entries and awards. He has been awarded China Photography Awards, China Press Photography Golden Eye Awards, National Film Festival,

The PLA photography Exhibition and the PLA Photography Art Award and other judges. To organize and hold training courses for photographic backbone of the PLA

Photography theory seminar of the whole army. In 1992, he was awarded the national Excellent Journalist, in 1983 and 1991

He won third class honors in self-defense and counterattack war and flood fighting and disaster relief.


The Tiger Comes Down the Mountain by Jia Mingzu




履历:89 年 ~91 年参加中国摄协函授

学习;1992 年起在京从事摄影图片管

理及冲印车间技术工作,1995 年始涉


柯达公司服务, 1999 年起为奥申委及

奥组委长期提供摄影服务;2014 年带

领晶彩影像摄影团队参加 APEC 工商领


Professional photographer.

Good at: portrait photography, news photography, group

Group photo, etc.

Resume: from 89 to 91, participated in correspondence courses of China Camera Association

Learning; He has been engaged in photography and picture management in Beijing since 1992

Technical work in the management and printing workshop, started in 1995

Foot news and commercial portrait photography, mainly for

Kodak company services, since 1999 as the Olympic Bid committee and

The OCOG provides photography services on a long-term basis; In 2014, with

Leading jingcai video photography team to participate in APEC business leaders

Guide the meeting photography work, and successfully complete the task.


Lu Jingwen's Work "Green Plants Evoke Green Plants"

北京人,生于 1966 年,10 岁第一次接


少时靠自学,1985 年从师摄影家孙占全。

1988-1993 年在全国摄影比赛中多次获奖,


Beijing native, born in 1966, first picked up at the age of 10

Touch photography, like and love photography.

Taught himself when he was young, sun Zhanquan became a professional photographer in 1985.

From 1988 to 1993, he won many awards in the national photography competition.

His representative works, such as Tao and The Wrath of the Bronze Ox, etc.


The Territory by Wei Qiang

中华人民共和国华诞 71 周年摄影 绘画艺术特展


2013 年 新京派当代水墨展 北京宋庄怡达艺术收藏馆

2013 年 首届屈原九歌·山鬼主题艺术展 北京世纪坛艺术馆

2013 年 第十六届北京国际艺术博览会 北京农业展览馆

2013 年 江岸观山 北京宋庄延安文艺学会宋庄艺术家总部

2013 年 我们:1994-2013 中国宋庄艺术家集群二十周年纪念特展 宋


2014 年 北京 25 点微群首届艺术展 北京

2015 年 北京 宋庄艺术节与你同程摄影展 北京上上国际

2015 年 北京 << 和平盛典 - 和平艺术使者团队欧洲行艺术大展 >>

2015 年 艺术未来 2015(中山)第二届国际青年艺术博览会 广东中山

2015 年 中国第三届舞台美术展暨视觉艺术双年展 北京 798 悦美术馆


2016 年 “文化江山 * 创意重庆”2016 重庆国际艺术节

“精英肖像“单元个展 重庆

2016 年 海博会海南首届国际艺术双年展 海南

2016 年 海洋艺术双年展北京站 北京八一美术馆

2016 年 错误时代第二回展中国艺术联展 宋庄同泽艺术馆

2016 年 中澳当代艺术双年展 澳大利亚

2017 年 天津滨海国际艺术季 天津泰达当代艺术博物馆

2017 年 化介—当代艺术展 北京宋庄松美术馆

2017 年 宋庄国际摄影双年展 北京宋庄中捷当代美术馆

2018 年 “时代印迹”天津现场艺术创作 天津巷肆美术馆 泰达当代


2019 年 “关键时刻”张东初个展 祁志龙南塘七号艺术空间

2019 年 “东初影像 2012-2019” 宋庄美术馆

2019 年 第十四届中国北京国际文化创意产业博览会 中国国际展览中心

Special exhibition of photography and painting art on the 71st anniversary of the Chinese People's Republic

Artist and independent photographer living in Songzhuang, Beijing.

Beijing Songzhuang Yida Art Collection exhibition in 2013

In 2013, the first Qu Yuan Nine songs · Ghosts theme Art Exhibition, Beijing Millennium Altar Art Museum

The 16th Beijing International Art Fair in 2013, Beijing Agriculture Exhibition Hall

2013 Songzhuang Artists Headquarters, Beijing Songzhuang Yan 'an Literature and Art Association

We: 1994-2013 Special exhibition on the 20th Anniversary of China Songzhuang Artist Cluster Song

Zhuang gallery

2014 Beijing 25-point Micro-group First Art Exhibition Beijing

2015 Beijing Songzhuang Art Festival with your journey photography exhibition Beijing Shangshang International

2015 Beijing peace festival - peace art emissary team European art exhibition >>

2015 Art Future 2015 (Zhongshan) The second International Youth Art Expo zhongshan, Guangdong

2015 China Third Stage Art Exhibition and Visual Art Biennale, Beijing 798 Yue Art Museum

"Portrait of the Elite" won the bronze prize

2016 Chongqing International Art Festival, "Cultural Mountains * Creative Chongqing

"Elite Portrait" unit solo Exhibition Chongqing

2016 Hainan First International Art Biennale hainan

Beijing Bayi Art Museum, Beijing Railway Station, 2016 Marine Art Biennale

The second Chinese Art Association Exhibition of The Wrong Era in 2016, Songzhuang Tongze Art Museum

2016 Sino-Australian Contemporary Art Biennale Australia

2017 Tianjin Binhai International Art Season Tianjin Teda Museum of Contemporary Art

2017 - Contemporary Art Exhibition, Songzhuang Song Art Museum, Beijing

Songzhuang International Photography Biennale 2017, Beijing Songzhuang Zhongjie Contemporary Art Museum

2018 "Imprint of The Times" Tianjin Live Art Creation Tianjin Lane Si Art Museum Teda Contemporary

Art Museum

2019 "critical moment" Zhang Dongchu solo exhibition Qi Zhilong Nantang No. 7 Art space

"Early East Image 2012-2019", Songzhuang Art Museum

China International Exhibition Center, the 14th China Beijing International Cultural and Creative Industry Expo in 2019


Jeff Qin, American Music Promoter, by Zhang Dongchu

1959 年生于辽宁大连市,1977 年入









记忆》等。2008 年和 2010 年先后两次





Born in Dalian, Liaoning province in 1959, joined in 1977

Wu. Senior editor, Senior colonel, Rocketry Army Newspaper

Rank. Member of China Photographers Association, China News

The sixth director of the Photographic Society.

Over the years, his works have been exhibited in many domestic and foreign film festivals,

To be selected or awarded in a film competition. Publish and issue "xiao Tianzhu.

Day -- Newsmakers on Zhang Jiangang's camera "Forever.

The Cavalry and other personal photography album; Chief editor of large-scale discipline

Real photo album "Moving Earth Rocket soldiers", yushu

Memory, etc. In 2008 and 2010

It was awarded as "National earthquake rescue" by China Photographers Association

Disaster excellent photographer, was commended by the general political Department as "the whole.

Advanced individual of news propaganda of army earthquake relief ". successively

He won two second-class meritorious services and four third-class meritorious services.


Songzanlin Temple by Zhang Jiangang

山东兖州人,1954年 2月出生 ,1969

年 11 月入伍 , 曾在总参某部首长秘书

室工作,大校军衔,2008 年 8 月加入

中国摄影家协会,2009 年 3 月退休至今,


A native of Yanzhou, Shandong Province, born in February 1954,1969

Joined the army in November, 2000, served as secretary to the head of a department of the General Staff

Office work, senior colonel, joined in August 2008

China Photographers Association, retired in March 2009,

Like nature, love photography.


Zhaoxia by Zhang Xiuhe

曾在《人民日报》(海外版)、《中华读书报》、 《文化月刊》、《粤

海风》、《世界音像》、《非》 音乐、《东方文化》、《世界艺术》、《人

像摄影》、 《今日人像》等报刊杂志,及“北大在线”、“新浪”、 “搜狐”、

“榕树下”、“犀锐”、“中国学术论坛”与“艺 术国际”等网站发表、

发布过多篇理论文章、文学作 品及大量图片摄影作品。

思想与作品曾被《北京日报》、《北京青年报》、 《中国书报刊博览》、《好

书》、光明日报网、《大公报》、德国汉堡广播公司、美国 Zu Casa 网站、

加拿 大《OUTPOST》(《前哨》杂志 )、中国新闻社与美国中文电视台(“流

行中国 • 新锐人物”)、中央电视台等 媒体先后推介。


★音乐作品: 《现代史诗 第一部 童真》(唱片 香港音乐传讯 1996 年)

《现代史诗 第三部 时空的瓦解与疾束的超越》(唱片 1999 年) 《现

代史诗 第四部 拯救》(先锋音乐 2000 年) 《圣火·世界·梦想》(为

奥林匹克精神所作 2007 年)

★主编著作: 《灵光乍现》(社会科学文献出版社 2001 年版)/《文化中国》

(2004 年版) 《智识的绝响》(社会科学文献出版社 2001 年版)/《未

来之路》(2004 年版) 《世纪中国》(中国友谊出版公司 2006 年版)

★影像作品与电影剧作: 《战争四重奏》、《虚拟之影》、《酒色 • 月色》、

《冰火之间》(先锋电影剧作 2004 年) 《跨时空感应》、《时间的投影》、《灵

与火》(先锋影像短片集 2008 年) 《苍茫世间》中美合拍大制作电影 (策


★思想与艺术著作: 《废墟之花》(中国青年出版社 2005 年版)/《摇

滚 时代》(中央编译出版社 2010 年版) 《天下》(香港田园书屋 2006

年版) 《南京保卫战与南京大屠杀的全新反思》、《神秘六月与历史剧变》、



★摄影作品: 《新北京》(上、下部)(北京时代华文书局 2014 年版,

精装版进入法国国家艺术史图书馆) 《印象西峡》(北京时代华文书局

2014 年版) 《沉睡摄影全集》(1-176 卷 待出) 主要参与活动

★策划活动: “禅 • 灵与火”(先锋影像 • 现代舞 • 迷幻摇滚 • 多语种

诗歌四维一体展演 北京星光现场音乐厅 2007 年) “跨媒介感应——古

琴 • 影像 • 诗歌”(桥艺术中心 2008 年) “首届中国先锋电影展”(北

京 2010 年) “部落·帝国”:东方神骏马头琴呼麦乐团天津巡演之派

现场(天津 Live House 2015 年) “命运 • 人类——世界顶级跨界展演

与思想传递”、“宋庄国际艺术区与宋庄国际艺术节”、 “南水北调之



He has worked in People's Daily (overseas edition), China Reading Newspaper, Culture Monthly and Guangdong

"Sea Breeze", "World Audiovisual", "Non" music, "Oriental Culture", "World Art", "people"

Newspapers and magazines such as photography, portrait today, and "Peking University online", "sina", "sohu",

Published on the websites of "Banyan Tree", "Rhino Sharp", "Chinese Academic Forum" and "Art International",

He has published many theoretical articles, literary works and a large number of photographic works.

His thoughts and works have been published in Beijing Daily, Beijing Youth Daily, China Book and Newspaper Review, and Good

Shu, Guangming Daily, Ta Kung Pao, Hamburg BROADCASTING Company in Germany, Zu Casa website in the US,

Canada "National OUTPOST", China News Service and American National TELEVISION station (" Run

China • Emerging figures "), CCTV and other media have introduced.

The main work

★ Music Works: The First Child of modern Epic (Hong Kong Music Newsletter, 1996)

The Collapse of Time and Space and the Transcendence of Disease in the Third volume of modern Epic (1999)

Epic of the fourth salvation (avant-garde music 2000) torch · World · Dream (for

Olympic Spirit 2007)

★ Chief Editor's book: Sudden Inspiration (Social Sciences Academic Press, 2001)/Culture China

(2004 edition) The Last Voice of Intelligence (Social Sciences Academic Press, 2001 edition)/Wei

Road to Come (2004 edition) Century China (China Friendship Publishing Company, 2006 edition)

★ Video works and Film Plays: War Quartet, Virtual Shadow, Lustful moonlight,

"Between Fire and Ice" (avant-garde film, 2004), "Intertemporal Induction," "Projection of Time," "Spirit.

With Fire (avant-garde Video collection, 2008) The Vast World, co-produced by China and the United States in a big-budget film (Strategy


Works of Thought and art: Flowers of Ruins (China Youth Press, 2005)/Shake

Rolling Times (Central Compilation and Translation Publishing House, 2010), The World (Hong Kong Garden Library, 2006)

A New Reflection on the Battle of Nanking and the Nanjing Massacre, Mysterious June and Historical Upheaval,

"A Cinematic Perspective on War", "Introduction and Appreciation of the World's Top ten Art Films", "World War ten"

Introduction and Appreciation of Films (in progress)

★ Photo Works: New Beijing (Part 1 and Part 2) (Beijing Times Chinese Book Co., 2014 edition)

The hardcover edition is included in The French National Library of Art History. Impression of Xixia

2014 edition) The Complete Works of Sleeping Photography (Volumes 1-176 to be published) mainly participated in activities

Planned activities: zen • Spirit & Fire (avant-garde video • Modern dance • Psychedelic rock • Multilingual

Poetry four-Dimensional One Performance at Beijing Starlight Live Concert Hall 2007) "Cross-media Induction -- Ancient

Chin, Image and Poetry (Bridge Art Center, 2008) "The first Chinese Avant-garde Film Exhibition" (North

Beijing, 2010) "Tribe and Empire" : Tour group of Oriental God Horse And Khumai Band in Tianjin

Live (Tianjin Live House, 2015) "Fate • Humanity -- the world's top crossover performance

"Songzhuang International Art Zone and Songzhuang International Art Festival", "The South-North Water Diversion project"

New strategy and new perspective ", "War and Peace: the first Eurasian Large International Rock Festival" (PolicyRow)


Sleeping Work "The Old Man"







担任多部广告片的主要拍摄。40 年来





Member of China Association of Film and Television Photographers, State 1

Photographer of the class.

Participated in the shooting of film and television works: "Olive green.

Roof, Little Quack, Wild, Gun interview

Fortress, Divorce Contract, Midnight Taxi

Etc., and participated in the shooting of the Olympic Propaganda film,

Served as a number of advertising film main shooting. For 40 years

Continuously engaged in the study and practice of black and white images,

To constantly improve and innovate the traditional gelatin silver salt process,

His unwavering passion for the art of photography is dark

The watchman of white photography.


Wang Changning's Work "Characters"

研究生学历 , 高级编辑、大校军衔。中国摄影家协会副主席,中国摄


1985年 12月至 1987年 6月参加了云南老山对越轮战,荣立二等战功;

1999 年获第四届中国摄影最高奖 -- 金像奖(创作奖);作品《不要忘

记他们》获 1988 年《艰巨历程》全国摄影公开赛“个人风格”大奖;作

品《如此父母官》获 1985 年全国首届新闻摄影大赛银牌奖;作品《雪域

亲情》获 1996 年美国《大众摄影》杂志年赛一等奖、获 1997 年“尼康杯”

全国摄影大赛专业组特等奖;作品《力量之源》获 2004 年(丽水)中国

国际摄影大赛金奖;1994 年、2001 年、2004 年、2007 年连续 4 届获得

中国人民解放军摄影艺术大奖;1997 年、1998 年、2009 年三次获得中国

新闻奖;1999 年获中华人民共和国成立 50 周年新闻摄影奖;2006 年 12


影工作者”。曾担任第 8、10、12 届中国摄影金像奖评委、第 24、26 届

全国摄影艺术展览评委、第 18、19 届中国新闻奖评委、第 8 届中国国际

新闻摄影比赛(华赛)评委、中国人民解放军摄影艺术大奖评委,连续 7




次荣立二等功(1 次荣立二等战功)、 3 次荣立三等功。1998 年被中国

摄影家协会表彰为首届“德艺双馨” 优秀摄影家,2003 年被甘肃文联表


Graduate degree, senior editor, senior colonel rank. Vice President of China Photographers Association, China

Director of the ninth Art Photography Committee of the Photographic Society.

From December 1985 to June 1987, he took part in the Battle of Yunnan Lao Shan against Vietnam and achieved second-class military honors.

In 1999, he won the 4th China Photography Highest award -- Golden Award (Creation Award). Don't Forget

Remember them won the "Personal Style" Award in the national Photography Open In 1988. As a

"So Father and mother official" won the silver medal in the first National Press photo Contest in 1985; Snow Field

Affection won the first prize in the annual contest of "Popular Photography" magazine in 1996 and "Nikon Cup" in 1997.

Special prize of professional Group in national Photography Competition; Source of Power, 2004 (Lishui), China

Gold Medal of International Photography Competition; In 1994, 2001, 2004, 2007 four consecutive times

People's Liberation Army Photography Art Award; In 1997, 1998 and 2009, it won China for three times

Journalism awards; In 1999, he won the Press Photography Award for the 50th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China. December 2006

In May, he was awarded by China Photographers Association for "making outstanding contributions to China's photography since the founding of the People's Republic of China"

Film workers ". He has been a judge of the 8th, 10th and 12th Chinese Photography Awards, and the 24th and 26th Chinese Photography Awards

Judge of the national Photography Art Exhibition, judge of the 18th and 19th China Journalism Awards, judge of the 8th China International

Judge of Press Photo Contest (Chinese Contest), judge of People's Liberation Army Photography Art Award, 7 consecutive

Served as the judge of the PLA Journalism Award. Many of his works have been published by the National Museum of China, the Central Archives,

Metropolitan Museum of Art, Museum of Military Affairs, Guangdong Museum of Fine Arts, etc. It's a Chinese country

An expert member of the art Fund expert library, with the service spirit of willing to sacrifice for photographers. 5

Second-class merit (once second-class merit) and third-class merit (three times). It was adopted by China in 1998

The photographers Association honored him as the first "Virtuous and Artistic" outstanding photographer, and he was listed by Gansu Literature Federation in 2003

Zhang was one of the first outstanding writers and artists in Gansu province.


My Soldier Brother by Liu Jun

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