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Wu hailong, master artist of zisha pot


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"Wu's golden tripod" shines China

Taihu lake water rippling beauty and reiki, gave birth to a talent a culture. Wu hailong, a national arts and crafts master who grew up drinking water from taihu lake, is a descendant of the fifth generation of wu's pottery. His zishan pottery brand "wu shi jinding" gathers the ingenuity of a hundred years and the culture of a thousand years. It has become the registered trademark of the state administration of industry and commerce with its unique intangible cultural heritage.


Mr. Wu hailong


Wu hailong was born in yixing, the pottery capital of taihu lake. Grandfather opened a century-old pottery shop, father opened a pottery workshop, and the pottery industry. 8-year-old wu on ceramic company, delights in tao, all day in purple sand mill table games, occasionally part-time jobs on the stage, 12 annual revenues read junior high school began to sent cheeky sat on the purple sand mill make the teapot, father is his first teacher, under the father's lead and guidance, to the official debut as a teacher at the age of 20.


On the road of pottery wu hailong from the bottom of his heart in love with pottery. He admired fan li of the duke of tao zhu. During the spring and autumn period and the warring states period, fan li retired and lived in seclusion among the people. He spread the pottery culture of yixing around and became a master of pottery making and the founder of the pottery industry. Thousands of years passed, wu hailong deeply felt the familiar and deep earthen breath around, the simple purple mud, the fragrance of Yang envy tea brings him endless fun. He studies art seriously and without any distractions. Living in a simple house, he always makes a sound of beating mud, which makes him clear and pleasant to listen to. He was diligent and assiduous in his studies. He began with the light apparatus which could best reflect the basic skills. He neglected food and sleep day after day, and often stayed up all night, forgetting the deep twilight, the light and fire accompanied by the dawn and a few chicken crowing to drive away the fatigue.


Works by wu hailong


Wu hailong is not ashamed to have the purple sand talent of wu's successor, the purple mud lying quietly in the depths of the earth to his hand, after several times of beating and pinch completed a qualitative leap, gorgeous turn around, into a fruit. The clever pieces of art in his hands, let him even more delighted. The spirit and spirit of the ancestors through thousands of years of time tunnel, infiltrated the young wu hailong. The small village on the bank of taihu lake not only has the picturesque scenery of poetry, but also has the purple sand sincere feeling and talent spirit from his deep heart. He accepted the guidance of the famous teacher on the road of study art, and from the gu jingzhou, zhu kexin, xu hantang and other works of the past dynasties of famous masters draw essence, he often took their pot repeatedly ponder, MAO seyi, on the road of zisha advance by leaps and leaps.


Works by wu hailong


Wu's high-quality goods enjoy enduring popularity. And a fine work of the world, can not ignore every detail, the first is the quality of purple sand mud. Wu hailong knew from his ancestors that the advantages of zisha mud material directly determine the success or failure of pot making. The pot created by high-quality mud material has high water absorption rate, good permeability, strong stability, color and quality. The wu family treasures a few tons of yellow dragon mountain purple mud, wu hailong mentioned these, such as a number of treasures. Bottom trough clear, azure mud, old purple mud, purple eggplant mud...... He endowed these deep underground clay materials with creativity, and translated them into pieces of purple sand, creating a colorful art world.


Works by wu hailong


Wu hailong is a master of purple sand design with unique originality, which comes from his unique observation and understanding of life, as well as the profound accumulation of wu's ceramic art. The colorful nature gave him an inexhaustible source of creativity. The grandeur of heaven and earth, the lightness of flowers, birds and insects, were in his sight. With his unique vision, he separates the coarse from the fine, from the one to the other, and skillfully melts into his works. In wu hailong's home, there are many famous POTS handed down from Chen mingyuan and shao tycoon in the qing dynasty to gu jingzhou and zhu kexin and the famous POTS handed down from his ancestors. As a zisha trademark, "wu jinding" has its own unique concept. First of all, each pot is a work with profound artistic conception. Wu hailong attaches great importance to conception and regards each work as the carrier of thoughts and petals of the heart. In the seemingly static tea hall to extract the perceptual work, burst out of the spark of thought. Artistic conception development cannot be separated from the modeling design, from the pot body to the pot knob, the handle of the spout, are mutually complementary, constitute a harmonious and perfect whole.


Works by wu hailong


Here may wish to appreciate his two magnum opus: one, is "cantaloupe pot". Wu chose Huang Longshan of moist fine mud, produce of hami melon in xinjiang as the pot body, with melon, vines and leaves respectively as, spout, pot pot handle knob, embellished with different color piece of clay pot body texture, use the technique of three-dimensional modelling, ably to cover the full of branches by pot into the pot, interesting and realistic. Cantaloupe rough skin, fresh and tender branches and leaves, realistic and delicate, graceful, in the nature of the glowing vibrant life, high play a vibrant idyllic song. The small pot is not only a true portrayal of the products of nature, but also an artistic crystallization of the creator's thoughts. Second, is the "butterfly pot", the author USES the technique of combining the real and virtual to a petal as the pot surface, a dancing butterfly as the pot knob, the flower vine as the pot handle spout, before and after echo. Front appreciation, petals in full bloom, rattan shake leaf roll, a flower butterfly come fluttering on the stamen, sucking the fragrance of nature. The pot is full in shape, clean and clean in line, simple and elegant. The mud material of a few kinds of different color enriched integral modelling, very harmonious, bring out the best in each other, bring a beautiful scene that the wind blows a flower, butterfly flies spring warm to the person. The combination of motion and stillness is more pleasing to the eye. Both of the above two works won the gold medal in the national competition.


"Wu jinding" has a typical wu aesthetic style, adhering to the simple and rigorous traditional craft, inheriting the elegant and concise unique techniques, paying attention to the expression of strength and life. Wu hailong's pot making technique is various, or carve or engrave, or knead or model, like a skilled magician, a section of purple mud into a piece of exquisite art treasures. His light wares are delicate, sharp and elegant. The flower implement that he produces, modelling is vivid, grain is clear, density has send, close put freely. Look at his handle pot again, modelling gao gu, pot body and handle beam empty and real contrast, straight line is clean and agile, very succinct, curve is smooth and bold and unrestrained, clever add, resemble beauty to wash gauze, running water sound.


God rewards those who work hard. With his unremitting pursuit of purple sand art, wu hailong has stepped up to the top of art and become a famous Chinese master of arts and crafts, a special gift artist of China, an inheritor of Chinese cultural heritage protection and an outstanding artist of the Chinese nation. In order to further promote the ancient Chinese ceramic art, wu hailong successively established "wu family pottery art", "wu hailong purple sand art museum" and "Tibetan purple pavilion", as an important window for foreign ceramic exchange. "Oh" Taiwan international ceramic art with unique artistic glamour attracted the attention of violet arenaceous lovers at home and abroad, Thailand, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan and many other cultural celebrities to come to learn skills for buddhist scriptures, according to his kin patriarch Wu Hufan collection "inferior on map", wu design meticulously created "inferior on map" series set a total of 12, the first four the pot has been completed, all made by hand, in the second paragraph eight finish all pot until 2028. He is looking forward to the completion of the reunification of the motherland and the "fuchun mountain map," half in Taiwan and half in the mainland. Last year, he was awarded as the art promotion ambassador by the organizing committee of china-arab economic and trade cooperation forum. However, he always does not forget the family tradition family motto "life only do one thing, one thing only bosom one heart", will "wu jinding" build into the Chinese purple sand world in the gold signs, let the ancient ceramic art in the cultural treasure house of the motherland coruscated youth, forever shine light! (Zhu Xun)



About pot man:

Wu hailong is a master of Chinese arts and crafts (the sixth), a master of zisha pot design, a special gift artist of China, and a person of Chinese cultural heritage protection and inheritance. Yixing wumen, a hundred years of heritage. Wu hailong, a descendant of the fifth generation of wu's pottery art, was wise and wise from childhood. In 1972, wu hailong followed his father to study the art of zisha pottery, a consistent inheritance and innovation. All the works are based on natural raw materials, using the traditional techniques and innovative techniques of wu family, highlighting its exquisite skills, as a whole, the original creation of wu family heavy tradition and heavy new style. Wu hailong has been interested in collecting since he was a child, inheriting and innovating from the old pot of home collection. The appearance of the purple clay pot he designed not only respects the tradition, but also is "not one square type, not one round phase", highlighting the changes, and its appearance is both quaint, fashionable, simple and natural. Its works imply in the pot, return to the soul in the sand, rigorous and not mud ancient, elegant also interesting in nature. His purple sand works have won the international and national gold MEDALS at home and abroad for many times, and have been collected by the great hall of the people, zhongnanhai art museum, national museum, China agricultural museum, etc. In 2002, "spring" won the gold medal of China fine arts and crafts fair. In 2006, his work "bamboo charm" won the gold medal of hundred flowers award of Chinese arts and crafts. In 2009, "shoutao pot" won the gold medal in the 6th China international tea fair fine tea pot competition. In 2012, "small bamboo flat pot" won the first prize in the hand-made pottery plug of jiangsu ceramic industry association. In 2016, "flat clay and stone pot", "sifang biography furnace pot" and "butterfly pot" were collected by zhongnanhai art museum. In 2017, One Belt And One Road won the gold medal in the folk traditional arts and crafts exhibition held by yixing museum. In 2019, his work "cantaloupe pot" won the award of "hundred cranes" in the first "hundred cranes cup" arts and crafts design innovation competition of China federation of light industry.

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