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Inheritance, Innovation and leap-over, Let National Culture Shine -- A century-old Record of Inheritance of Purple Sand Pottery in Wumen, Yixing (9)


Chinese art star/editor/happy


12月11日,2020(第四届)中国品牌发展高峰论坛暨中国品牌人物峰会 在北京召开,吴海龙在中国品牌发展高峰论坛暨中国品牌人物峰会受到奖励。

To realize the Chinese dream of great national renewal, we must promote the Chinese spirit, which is the national spirit with patriotism at its core and the spirit of The Times with reform and innovation at its core. The Chinese spirit runs through the five thousand years history of the Chinese nation and has accumulated in the course of modern national rejuvenation. In particular, the spirit and atmosphere with strong national agglomeration, mobilization and inspiring effect burst out in the rapid rise of China is an important demonstration of the soft power of Chinese culture. On November 26, 2020, "Chinese Spirit · Role Models", a group exhibition of contemporary famous calligraphers and painters, led the atmosphere of the art era, represented the style of the art era, and concentrated on the display of the most influential and representative works of artists in today's art world. Better revitalize the spirit of culture and art, to the broad masses and art workers show the new style of today's literature and art. "Chinese Spirit · Role Models" contemporary Zisha famous works of the exhibition launched the new era outstanding artist Wu Hailong.

On December 11th, the Fourth China Brand Development Summit and China Brand Personality Summit was held in Beijing. Wu Hailong was awarded at the China Brand Development Summit and China Brand Personality Summit.


On January 18, 2021, Sun Yat-sen Thought Promotion Association hired Wu Hailong as its honorary president.

1月26日,吴海龙参加了“2021年“世界联手 共抗疫情”艺术家祝福寄语专题文化交流活动”。全国各行各业100位艺术家,每人奉上一个最佳作品,制作100套中英文对照的精美“国际名信片”。然后将“国际明信片”分别赠送给埃及、巴拿马等10国驻华大使馆。以此充分表达百位艺术家的寄语祝福:世界联手 共抗疫情!祝愿世界人民早日战胜新冠病毒!

On January 26, Wu Hailong participated in the "2021" Artists' Message themed cultural Exchange activity of "The World joins Hands to Fight the Epidemic". 100 artists from all walks of life from around the country each submitted their best works to make 100 sets of exquisite "international postcards" in both Chinese and English. Then the "international postcards" were presented to the embassies of 10 countries in China, including Egypt and Panama. To fully express the wishes of 100 artists: the world joins hands to fight the epidemic! I wish people all over the world an early victory over the novel coronavirus.


In view of Wu Hailong's outstanding contributions to Chinese culture and art in the professional field, the Organizing Committee of the International Celebrity Encyclopedia awarded Wu Hailong the honorary title of "Chinese non-genetic inheritor (purple sand) Artist" on February 1.


In the same month, the organizing committee of Gubinli Painting and Calligraphy Network hired Wu Hailong as its honorary chairman.


On February 1, the International Celebrity Encyclopedia Art Committee awarded Wu Hailong the honorary title of "Chinese non-genetic inheritor (purple sand) artist".


On February 5, the International Celebrity Encyclopedia Art Committee awarded Wu Hailong the honorary title of "Chinese non-genetic inheritor (purple sand) artist".


On February 8, China Research and Innovation Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection and Development Center awarded Wu Hailong "China's Intangible Cultural Heritage Selection Project 2021 Intangible Cultural Heritage Leader".

这年2月,为做好北京2022冬奥会、冬残奥会的备战和筹办工作,北京特举办了“炫姿冰雪舞 翰墨迎冬奥”——2022冬奥会、冬残奥会艺术家推介展。在中国北京冬季奥运会期间,宣传奥林匹克精神、并弘扬中华文化艺术的精神。用不同的艺术创作方式,向全世界传达出中国的奥林匹克风采。被作为“走近东奥,‘艺’起想未来特别推荐艺术家”、“2022中国冬奥会艺术形象大使”的吴海龙积极参与。这一活动将在以往的冬奥历史中写下重要篇章,同时也在推动东西方文化交融,发挥了十分重要的作用。中国的传统文化,伴随中华民族有几千年的历史,其中书画艺术是传统文化的重要表现符号,也是最美的中国符号。2月12日,鉴于吴海龙在紫砂壶艺术领域取得突出成绩及建树,展现出“团结、互助、文明、和谐”的新时代艺术风范,并积极助力2022 北京冬奥会,中国国礼艺术评定中心、艺术家查询中心为他颁发了“特别推荐艺术家”荣誉证书。

In February of this year, in order to prepare for and prepare for the 2022 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games in Beijing, an exhibition featuring artists of the 2022 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games was held in Beijing. To promote the Olympic spirit and carry forward the spirit of Chinese culture and art during the Winter Olympic Games in Beijing, China. The Olympic style of China is conveyed to the world through different artistic creation methods. Wu Hailong has been actively involved in the project as a special artist for "Approaching the East Olympic Games," and "Art Ambassador for the 2022 Winter Olympic Games in China." This event will write an important chapter in the history of the past Winter Olympics, and also play a very important role in promoting the integration of Eastern and Western cultures. Chinese traditional culture, accompanied by the Chinese nation has thousands of years of history, among which painting and calligraphy art is an important symbol of traditional culture, but also the most beautiful Chinese symbol. On February 12, in view of Wu Hailong's outstanding achievements and achievements in the field of Purple clay Pot art, showing the artistic style of the new era of "unity, mutual assistance, civilization and harmony", and actively contributing to the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, the Chinese National Gift Art Evaluation Center and the Artist Inquiry Center awarded him the honorary certificate of "Special Recommended Artist".


In the same month, he was named "Leader of Intangible Cultural Heritage" by the National Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection and Development Center. On February 13, it was presented by the National Two Sessions and awarded by the organizing committee of the first model figure report as "the first model figure of Zisha art industry".


On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the CPC, Wu Hailong was selected into the "Recommendation Report of Large-scale top-ranking Talents -- Pillars of the State" special issue of the China Expert Think Tank Network, and became the cover figure with academician experts such as Yuan Longping and Zhong Nanshan. Wu Hailong is featured on the cover of the special issue of Pillars of the State, a large top talent recommendation report.


In March, Wu Hailong was awarded the honorary title of "Chinese Talent" by the column of "People's Encyclopedia" and the China Expert Think Tank Network.


On May 18, at the auction of Beijing Huizhen International Auction Company, Wu Hailong's 2019 work Wu Hailong Made 'Cantaloupe Pot' broke the ground and was finally sold at a price of 2.58 million yuan. This year, Wu's century-old Jinding products were identified as the designated supplier in the China Good Company Summit Forum.


Wu Hailong's Cantaloupe Pot was collected by the National Arts and Crafts Master Information Database on May 20.


In order to recognize Wu Hailong's important contributions to promoting international cultural exchanges and promoting the development of world culture and art, he was awarded the "World Culture and Art Lifetime Achievement Award" in May 2022.



In the same month, Wu Hailong was nominated by the secretariat of the Time-honored Brands Professional Committee of the China Society of Business History and submitted to the Standing Council for study and decision.

In June 2022, Wu Hailong's works were honored as "Chinese art soft gold" by the Organizing Committee of Shengshi Collection, considering that Wu Hailong's works are representative of Chinese national culture and art and have great influence and appeal in the world.


Wu Hailong's purple sand works were included in the exhibition of "Excellent Calligraphy and Painting Exhibition in Commemoration of 2573 Years of the Birth of Confucius". The National Guest and Gift Calligraphy and Painting Network and the editorial board of China Character Report issued the exhibition certificate.



100 years of hardships, 100 years of eventful years, 100 years of day and night journey, 100 years of brilliant achievements. Borrow the glory of purple sand to raise the style of the nation, to celebrate the party's feat, to help the heroic Chinese! Was named "2021 Opening Grand Dedication" centennial Party, Zisha man of the Year; The honorary title of "People's Artist" and "China's most collectible Artist".

On July 1, Wu Hailong was awarded the honorary title of "Influential Figure in the Centenary of the Founding of the Party" by The State Council Information Office, the Propaganda Department of the CPC, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the CPC and the China Internet News Center, in view of the cultural work of "Striving for the Centennial Road, setting sail on a new Journey", as a special invited representative, to present the most beautiful art works for the centennial of the founding of the Party and tell good Chinese stories with practical actions.

7月6日,网易首页发布消息:【2022 年度全球各界顶级人物】—— 中国艺术名家·吴海龙

On July 6, the home page of NetEase released the news: [2022 Top Global Figures from all walks of life] -- Chinese artist Wu Hailong


In July this year, according to the General Office of the CPC Central Committee and The General Office of the State Council "Opinions on Strengthening the construction of a new type of think tank with Chinese Characteristics" in view of Wu Hailong's contribution and influence in the development of purple sand art industry, he was decided as a visiting professor of China Expert Think Tank Alliance.


On July 22, the National Artists Information Publicity Center recommended him as "the Chinese People's Artist in Art" to present to the 20th National Congress of the CPC.


In the same month, the China Influential People Database awarded Wu Hailong the 2021 Centennial Industry Pioneer Certificate and Pioneer Medal.


In view of Wu Hailong's dedication to building a bridge between international culture and love, and his outstanding contribution to the integration and exchange of Chinese and Western cultures, on August 1, 2022, the United Nations Economic and Social Council special consultative status of the Pacific Region Development and Education Organization awarded the "Zisha Arts and Crafts Ambassador".


The 3rd Hong Kong International Youth Film Festival and 2nd Asian Chinese Language Film Festival will be held in Macao from August 13 to 15, 2021. Hong Kong International Youth Film Festival Association invited Master Wu Hai Lung as a special guest; This month, the World Artists Federation, the Sino-Foreign Culture and Art Exchange Center, the China State guest calligraphy and painting network awarded Wu Hailong Sino-foreign cultural Exchange Ambassador.



On August 27, after the review of the "Gift to the Motherland" committee, Wu Hailong was awarded the "Outstanding Artist of the Motherland" in view of his achievements in the excellent traditional culture of China and his contributions to the traditional culture of China.

On the same day, the Recommendation Committee of Chinese famous Artists decided to recommend Wu Hailong as the chairman of the Recommendation Committee of Chinese famous Artists.

中国老年文化艺术节(Chinese old culture and Art Festival)是全国老龄办为落实全国老龄工作委员会第十次全体会议精神,配合全国敬老月活动,丰富广大老年人的精神文化生活,推动基层老年文化的蓬勃开展,营造欢乐祥和、健康文明的社会文化氛围而创办的。艺术节本着“交流、发展、共享、和谐”的宗旨,每两年举办一次,已成功举办过两届。是全国老年文化活动中规格最高、规模最大、影响范围最广的中国老年文化艺术的盛会。9月10日,全国中老年文化艺术节委员会聘请吴海龙大师为荣誉顾问。



The Chinese old culture and Art Festival is designed by the National Office for Aging to implement the spirit of the tenth plenary session of the National Working Committee on Aging, cooperate with the National Month of Respecting the Elderly, enrich the spiritual and cultural life of the elderly, and promote the vigorous development of the grassroots elderly culture. To create a happy, peaceful, healthy and civilized social and cultural atmosphere. In line with the purpose of "exchange, development, sharing and harmony", the festival is held every two years and has been successfully held twice. It is a grand event of Chinese elderly culture and art with the highest specification, the largest scale and the widest influence among the national cultural activities for the elderly. On Sept 10, the National Committee of Culture and Arts Festival for the Middle-aged and Elderly hired Master Wu Hailong as an honorary consultant.

On September 16, in view of Wu Hailong's influence in the field of art and important contributions to Chinese traditional culture, the Chinese character report Organizing committee, the Chinese art Masters Recommendation Committee, the Chinese State guest calligraphy and painting Bureau joint, the official authority Wu Hailong "Chinese traditional Culture lifetime achievement Award".

On September 23, Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the People's Republic of China and National Certification Committee for the Title of Artistic Title of the People's Republic of China awarded Wu Hailong the title of "Master of Chinese Arts and Crafts and Famous Artist", and awarded Wu Hailong the board of "Studio of Master of Purple Sand Handmade Art" and the title of "Inhertor of Chinese intangible heritage purple sand". (No. CNCSQ202109230021)


On the occasion of celebrating the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, Wu Hailong was selected as the cover figure with academician Yuan Longping, Zhong Nanshan and other experts in the "Recommendation Report of Large-scale top-ranking Talents - Pillars of the State" special issue of China Expert Think Tank Network. Wu Hailong is featured on the cover of the special issue of Pillars of the State, a large top talent recommendation report.


On October 9, Wu Hailong, as a national famous artist, took part in the Beijing subway theme exhibition "Art China". He appeared on Beijing subway Line 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, Batong Line, and crossed Chang 'an Avenue to pay tribute to the motherland. Be awarded a certificate of honor.


In recognition of Wu Hailong's contribution to the construction of socialism with Chinese characteristics and traditional Chinese culture and art, the Committee of Chinese Figures and Meritorious Officials awarded Wu Hailong as "China's Meritorious Figure".


On October 15, after the examination and approval of the State Ceremony Culture Market Protection Association and the State Ceremony Art Appraisal and Evaluation Committee, Wu Hailong made contributions to the development of the national culture and art, and his works were approved as the Chinese State ceremony Artist, and the expert group unanimously agreed, awarded Wu Hailong the honorary title of "State Ceremony Artist".


In view of Wu Hailong's outstanding contribution to the national arts and crafts pottery, after the strict review of China Brand network, awarded Wu Hailong "Chinese arts and Crafts Master" honorary title; The China Cultural Information Association awarded Wu the "Golden Mouth Cup" medal.


Wu Hailong's bamboo pot was collected by the National Art Museum of China on Oct 25.


On Oct. 27, the 2021 Yangtze River Delta Social Organization Collaborative Development (Suzhou) Conference and the second Jiangsu Province Social Organization Exhibition and Exchange Conference opened in Suzhou Taihu International Convention Center, showing the development achievements of Jiangsu social organizations and stimulating the development vitality of social organizations. Hui Jianlin, Vice governor of Jiangsu Province attended the meeting and delivered a speech. Lu Deming, Secretary of Party Group and director of Jiangsu Provincial Civil Affairs Department attended the meeting. The conference was guided by the Yangtze River Delta Regional Cooperation Office, the Organization Department of Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee, the Department of Civil Affairs of Jiangsu Province, and the People's Government of Suzhou. It was hosted by Jiangsu Social Organization Promotion Association, Jiangsu Jiangsu Business Development Promotion Association, Suzhou Social Organization Promotion Association, and School of Social and Public Administration, East China University of Science and Technology. With the theme of "The heart of the community toward the Party, forging a new journey" and "integrating into the Yangtze River Delta, helping the integration". Wu Hailong attended the conference and made a speech.


On Nov 11, the purple clay kettle Wu Hailong was invited to create for the Great Hall of the People was highly praised and collected by the hall.


November 18, in view of Wu Hailong's Jinding purple sand works unique, has a very high collection value, to promote and carry forward the development of culture and art has made a significant contribution, the artist inquiry center, calligraphy and painting art official website evaluation committee awarded Wu Hailong teacher as "great country master" honorary title.


On December 8, Wu Hailong was awarded "2021 Intangible Cultural Heritage Leader" by the China Research and Innovation Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection and Development Center.


In commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the founding of our Party, in view of Wu Hailong's influence in the field of art and the important contribution of Chinese traditional culture table, in December 2021, by the Chinese Calligraphers Association, China Huashia Calligraphy and Painting Academy, Chinese Artists Association, Chinese people's Calligraphy and Painting Art Research Institute, Chinese Culture and art Talent Management center of five joint confirmed, Wu Hailong as the "people's artist with both virtue and art", the official authority issued a certificate.


This year, Wu Hailong was awarded the honorary title of "People's Artist". His works were reviewed by the Gubinli Art Appraisal and Review Committee and issued a "Gubinli Special Certificate"; In 2021 China Good Company Summit and Industry-University-Research Cooperation Summit, Wu Jinding Centennial Brand was designated as "designated Service provider".


"All in the past, talk about heroes, still see today". In chairman MAO's 128th anniversary. Various industries, the national people's lift of the Chinese people's great leader chairman MAO activity. With teacher wu outstanding achievements in the field of Chinese painting and calligraphy and accomplishment, the domestic each big media focus recommend wu as "to commemorate the 128th anniversary of chairman MAO's birth is especially recommended artist".

2022年,在疫情非常严峻的形势下,他始终不忘初心,牢记使命,克服重重困难,没有停止勇往直前的步伐,积极投入到各类重大活动之中。1月5日,济南广播电视台诚挚聘请吴海龙为为《丹青颂 翰墨情》栏目特约导师。

In 2022, despite the severe epidemic situation, he remained true to his original mission, kept his mission firmly in mind, overcame numerous difficulties, and actively engaged in various major activities. On January 5, Jinan Radio and Television Station sincerely hired Wu Hailong as the special tutor for the column "Danqing Song Calligraphy Sentiment".


The Model of Famous Artists presents Chinese art pioneers from all walks of life. Wu Hailong, the fifth generation of Wu's pottery, was selected as the pioneer of Chinese art. Wu Hailong, the fifth generation successor of Wu Pottery, was awarded the "National Gift Image Ambassador".

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