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Inheritance, Innovation and leap-over, Let National Culture Shine -- A century-old Record of Inheritance of Purple Sand Pottery in Wumen, Yixing (10)


Chinese art star/editor/happy


On July 28, "Urban Headlines" broadcast "Wu Hailong Purple Clay Pot Art Appreciation -- A record of the International cultural image Ambassador, the deeds of Wu Hailong, a leading figure in Purple Clay Pot Culture"; On November 18, Beijing Jiafei Century International Business Co., Ltd. hired Wu Hailong as the vice chairman of Expert Committee of Jiafei Forum -- International Investment and Trade Roundtable and Global Cloud Conference. In August, China Quality Certification Development Management Center, China Enterprise Credit Development Center awarded Changshu City Shanghu Town Wu Pottery firm "Chinese Time-honored Brand" certificate.


In the same month, Wu Hailong was awarded Chief Art Master by the official website of National Gift Culture and the National Culture and Art Research Association. Wu Jinding brand was awarded "National Gift Brand" by the official website of National Gift Culture and the National Culture and Art Research Association.


In July this year, according to the General Office of the CPC Central Committee and The General Office of the State Council "Opinions on Strengthening the construction of a new type of think tank with Chinese Characteristics" in view of Wu Hailong's contribution and influence in the development of purple sand art industry, he was decided as a visiting professor of China Expert Think Tank Alliance.


According to the spirit and requirements of the Opinions on Strengthening the Construction of New Think Tanks with Chinese Characteristics issued by the General Office of the CPC Central Committee and The General Office of the State Council, in view of Wu Hailong's contribution in the development of purple sand art industry, China Expert Think Tank Alliance hereby invites Wu Hailong to be the visiting professor of China Expert Think Tank Alliance.


Wu Hailong was awarded the title of "People's Artist" by five state authorities on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the birth of the Communist Party of China.

文化兴则国家兴,文化强则国家强。党的二十大报告指出,全面建设社会主义现代化国家,必须坚持中国特色社会主义文化发展道路,增强文化自信,围绕举旗帜、聚民心、育新人、兴文化、展形象,建设社会主义文化强国,发展面向现代化面向世界面向未来的、民族的科学的大众的社会主义文化,激发全民族文化创新创造活力,增强实现中华民族伟大复兴的精神力量。2022年11月,吴海龙参加了《推进文化自信自强 铸就文化新辉煌》专题表彰艺术家大会,受到了表彰。

A country prospers when culture is strong, and a country is strong when culture is strong. The report of the 20th National Congress of the CPC points out that to build a modern socialist country in an all-round way, we must adhere to the socialist path of cultural development with Chinese characteristics, enhance our cultural confidence, build a strong socialist culture around raising the banner, gathering the people's hearts, educating new people, revitalizing culture and developing our image, and develop a national, scientific and popular socialist culture oriented toward modernization, the world and the future. We will stimulate the cultural innovation and creativity of the whole nation and enhance the spiritual strength for realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. In November 2022, Wu Hailong participated in the "Promoting Cultural Self-confidence and Self-improvement, Casting New Cultural Brilliance" thematic award artists conference and was commended.


On November 15, the Zhongguancun Time-space Security Cultural and Educational Industry Innovation Alliance authorized Wu Hailong to be "Director of the Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection Center of Zhongguancun Time-space Security Cultural and Educational Industry Innovation Alliance".

同天,上海《东方早报》财经栏目以《紫砂壶设计大师——吴海龙》为题,大篇幅报道了吴氏陶艺第五代传人吴海龙的事迹;11月18日,北京佳菲世纪国际商务有限公司聘请吴海龙为佳萌论坛--国际投资贸易圆桌会兼全球云会议—专家委员会副主席;11月24日,中国新闻联播《财经》节目,以【推进文化自信自强 铸就社会主义文化新辉煌】专题表彰艺术家——吴海龙。

On the same day, the financial column of Shanghai Oriental Morning Post reported the deeds of Wu Hailong, the fifth generation inheritor of Wu's pottery art, under the title of "Master of Purple Clay Pot Design -- Wu Hailong". On November 18, Beijing Jiafei Century International Business Co., Ltd. hired Wu Hailong as the vice chairman of Expert Committee of Jiafei Forum -- International Investment and Trade Roundtable and Global Cloud Conference; On November 24, the program Caijing, broadcast by China News, honored the artist Wu Hailong with the special topic of "Promoting Cultural Self-confidence and Self-strengthening, Creating New Brilliance of Socialist Culture".


This November, Wu Hailong was a large publication "Big country celebrity" as the cover figure.


In view of the fact that Mr. Wu Hailong, China's famous purple clay pot master and director of China Wu Pottery Purple Sand Art Museum, is loyal to the cause of peaceful development of the Communist Party of China, in the case of serious epidemic. Donation Brigade Purple clay Pot by the United Nations Chinese Publishing House collection.  The second is to issue a certificate of honor to encourage. Three is to present three copies of this book. The fourth is to help open the international market so that overseas Chinese around the world fall in love with purple sand products.

12月15日,吴海龙应邀参加了《非凡十年  触动中国》——当代艺术名家吴海龙优秀作品展。

On December 15, Wu Hailong was invited to take part in the Extraordinary Decade Touching China -- the outstanding works exhibition of Wu Hailong, a famous contemporary artist.


This year, Wu Hailong was awarded the "Zisha Arts and Crafts Ambassador" by the United Nations Economic and Social Council Special Consultative Status Pacific Regional Development and Education Organization; The state awarded Wu Hailong the "World Culture and Art Lifetime Achievement Award" in recognition of his important contributions to the promotion of international cultural exchanges and the development of world culture and art.


This year, Wu pottery firm by China quality certification development management center, China enterprise credit development center audit Rong selected as the "Chinese time-honored brand"; This year, he was awarded the "Zisha Arts and Crafts Ambassador" by the United Nations Economic and Social Council Special Consultative Status Pacific Regional Development and Education Organization.


In order to recognize the promotion of international cultural exchanges and promote the development of world culture and art has made an important contribution to the award: "World culture and art lifetime achievement Award". This year, he was awarded the "Zisha Arts and Crafts Ambassador" by the United Nations Economic and Social Council Special Consultative Status Pacific Regional Development and Education Organization. He was awarded "the most influential International Artist" and "the most Influential Contribution Award".


"Purple sand leannipan, Tiangong has artifacts", Wu Hailong's deeds were "handed down" "China's Road" "New China's national gift Art Collection" and other books included.


On January 2, 2023, in the "Powerful Culture ·2022 Chinese Painting and Calligraphy Annual Person commendation" meeting, "Heart cast Chinese purple clay Pot of the world brand" purple sand art master Wu Hailong was once again honored. The introduction reads: "Salute to the excellent paintings and calligraphy that are written for the people, lyrical for the people, and expressed for the people; For the efforts to highlight the Chinese spirit, Chinese value, Chinese power of the excellent calligraphy and painting people praise, applaud, let us witness together the power of art gathered together, and taste the fruits of fine art together


Chinese arts and Crafts master, Chinese National Gift Artist, integrity Purple sand artist, art publicity Ambassador of China-Arab States Economic and Trade Cooperation Forum, Purple clay pot design master, Chinese cultural heritage protection and inheritance figure, visiting professor of Creation Center of Chinese Calligraphy Culture Research Institute, director of Chinese Calligraphy and Painting Research Institute of Leading Cadres, Director of Wu Hailong Purple Sand Art Museum of Global Internet of Things Management Committee, Chinese management Special researcher of Enterprise Research Institute of the Academy of Science, Chairman of the Recommendation Committee of Chinese famous artists, honorary chairman of the State Guest Calligraphy and Painting Network, honorary chairman of Sun Yat-sen Thought Promotion Association, member of the time-honored professional Committee, expert of Jiangsu and Anhui (Nanjing) base of the Oriental Chinese Cultural Heritage Protection Center, vice president of Qufu Hongru Calligraphy and Painting Academy, member of the Hong Kong Federation of Arts and Crafts Artists Association, great country master, Chinese merit Wu Hailong, a character and people's artist, always keeps in mind the family tradition and motto, "Do only one thing in one's life, and do only one thing with one heart." He has done the purple clay pot to the extreme and carried forward the intangible cultural heritage. His purple sand works have won international and national gold MEDALS at home and abroad for many times, and have been collected by the Great Hall of the People, Zhongnanhai Art Museum, National Museum, China Agriculture Museum and so on. They have been highly praised by the prince of Thailand, the prince of Britain, the Silicon Valley of the United States, the culture and art people on both sides of the Taiwan Straits, and have also been taken out of the country to the world because of the cultural exchange of the Belt and Road. Spread the profound Chinese culture to the world, and became the winner of the "World Culture and Art Lifetime Achievement Award". CCTV, Jiangsu TV, Hong Kong TV, Changshu TV, Xinhua News Agency, Guangming network, People's Net, China Net, Half Talk, Xinhua interview network, CCTV report, China Report, China International News network, China Cultural relics network, China Art Star network, China news network, China national gifts official website, people's art collection network, China City network, global focus media network, international Phoenix, Daily Express, Toutiao, Guodu think tank, ink treasure collection, Yiyun encyclopedia, Baidu , Tencent, Youku, Sohu, People's micro Video, iqiyi, Tudou Video, Chinese Channel, Jiangsu International Channel and other media have covered his deeds and culture one after another.


The young outshine the blue


Wu Hailong has been working hard in the purple sand industry for decades, and has tirelessly carried forward the spirit of craftsmanship. He has made great achievements and won the honor for the country, which is also highly respected by the world. But he is not burdened by fame and wealth, not bothered by the secular, has been practicing his original intention of "life only do one thing, one thing only with one heart", has been in his own art museum addicted to the study and creation of purple sand art, life, art, purple sand knead to the extreme.


The master said, "When one is poor, one does not know what he is doing." He knew very well that "the burning of candles is limited, but the transmission of fire is endless." Wu Hailong has never forgotten his responsibility and mission, and attaches great importance to the protection and inheritance of intangible cultural heritage. When the daughter Wu Tingting was young, she often surrounded her grandfather and father and watched them make purple clay POTS. She was very fond of the mud work and often accompanied her grandfather and father to play mud in the purple clay. May be the reason of genetic, the child's hand ability is very strong, when a teenager can independently knead a lot of small animals purple clay teapot. Wu Hailong see in the eyes, happy in my heart, began to deliberately train her.


When Tingting is old enough to go to school and sends her child to school, Wu has strict requirements for her daughter: she must study hard at school and not delay her studies. Tingting is a very serious and spiritual girl. She understands her father's meaning. In school, she studies very hard and studies very hard. When she got home from school, she finished her homework before she went to play in the mud. Learning to make purple clay POTS was Tingting's only hobby when she was a teenager.


Wu Tingting lived up to her father's expectations. In 2008, she was admitted to Jiangsu University with excellent results. During the university, she studied harder and won the school's scholarship several times. Wu Tingting not only studies hard, but also develops morally, intellectually, physically and aesthetically. She has been awarded "Merit Student" and "outstanding Secretary" of the school for many times. She also serves as the minister of Public relations of the school. Wu Tingting's colorful college life has not affected her love for purple sand. She bought a lot of purple sand classics and studied purple sand technology and culture in her spare time. During winter and summer holidays, Wu Tingting indulged in her own small world of purple sand, pondering the inheritance and innovation of purple sand craft. Wu Tingting, who has become a college student and is fond of learning the ancient, is no longer a "play" method in her childhood. She slowly has a lot of unique opinions on purple sand craft. During the holidays of several years in college, she spent the time of other children traveling and playing on learning how to make a purple clay kettle. She initially mastered all the processes from batching, crushing, stale, mud training to billet making, and was able to independently complete the creation of a purple clay kettle. Not only that, she also made some new tricks from time to time, give the purple clay pot new ideas.


Wu Tingting graduated from university in 2012. While doing her own job well, she put all her spare time in following her father to learn the craft, in the creation of the purple clay pot.


The foundation of the purple clay pot is "mud", the raw materials used are very exquisite. The quality of "mud" determines the taste of the purple clay pot. A good pot will be a good clay achievement. Only good mud can make a good pot with double porosity structure, high water absorption rate, strong air permeability, and "color is not brilliant, quality is not greasy". Wu's pottery has been inherited for hundreds of years. An immutable habit is that the works they want to make must be the old clay that has been stale for more than decades. Each pot Wu Tingting makes is mainly made of natural raw materials, which are all made with old mud stored by her father.


Wu Tingting adhering to ancestral instructions, do pot first refining mud. From selecting soil to refining mud, repeated practice, in order to pray for the best; She kept in mind her father's teachings: gather art from the sea, continue to study the traditional craftsmanship of Wumen, inherit the essence from the old pot in the family, understand its exquisite skills, and constantly innovate techniques on this basis, become a whole; In her heart, the design of the Zisha teapot must be novel, the design of the Zisha teapot shape should respect the tradition, but also "square is not a style, round is not inconsistent", highlighting the change, the shape is elegant, fashionable, simple and natural. Over the years, she has developed her own style and personality, many styles of fine works, and formed her own unique innovative style.






One hundred years Wu Desheng, one hundred annuity tripod, left a precious golden tripod purple sand culture, left a lot of purple sand boutique. Unique cultural resources and antique resources for Wu Tingting to further study and research to create unique conditions. Under the guidance of her father, she buried her head into the profound purple sand culture, into the vast ancestral remains, hungry to study, understanding, learning, devoted to the study of all kinds of purple sand technology handed down from the ancestors. Wu Tingting of university education, understanding comprehension ability is much stronger than his father. After seven years of sharpening, Wu Tingting's purple sand works have reached the top level.

It takes decades for a craftsman to achieve, and hundreds of years to inherit the ingenuity. Wu Tingting inherits centuries-old skills and innovative style. Although the purple clay pot is small, it brings together a hundred years of ingenuity and a thousand years of culture. Her works bring forth the new in inheriting the classical style, and in the type of "light goods", the appearance is simple and the outline is natural. In the "flower goods" modeling, rich techniques, with a typical Wu aesthetic style; In the shape of the gluten grain machine, the texture of the gluten capsule is clear and free.

Wu Tingting's works are based on natural raw materials and adopt Wu's traditional techniques and innovative techniques to highlight her exquisite skills and form a unique and innovative style. Wu Tingting has been inheriting and innovating from the old pot in her family since she was a child. The shape of the purple clay pot she designed not only respects the tradition, but also "the square is not the same, the round is not the same", highlighting changes, and the shape is quaint, fashionable, simple and natural.

She adhering to the ancestral instruction, the raw materials used in the purple clay pot is very exquisite, the quality of the "mud" determines the taste of the purple clay pot, a good pot must be a good mud achievement, only good mud can make a double porosity structure, high water absorption rate, strong air permeability, and "color is not brilliant, quality is not dirty" good pot, Wu's pottery has inherited an impermanent habit that today's works are the old clay that has been rotting for more than several decades. He is committed to the research and creation of purple sand art and picks from the sea of art. Since then, his skills have improved.

Although there have been ups and downs and twists and turns in the past 20 years, she has always kept in mind her father's instructions and made unremitting efforts to inherit and innovate.


Learning art completed Wu Tingting, in order to inherit the brand of Wu men purple sand century-old shop, she intends to register her trademark, display their talent. In February 2019, under the guidance of her father, she registered the Wu Men Tingting trademark and began to inherit and carry forward the century-old goodwill of Wu's Golden Ding brand.


There is no weak soldiers under the strong, there is a hundred years of Wu men's craft inheritance, there is a top master hand in hand teaching, Wu Tingting's purple clay pot art works began to bloom brilliant, the best choice for the purple clay pot art lovers, but also has been the purple clay pot art collectors around the country and the world's favorite and praise.



While learning from her father, Wu Tingting often learned from Lv Yaochen, a master of Chinese arts and crafts and an inheritor of intangible cultural heritage. Under Lu's guidance, Tingting's artistic level has made a qualitative leap. His works have won the national Gold and Silver Awards, and have been collected by Xi 'an History Museum and Shandong Museum, etc. His original works have been awarded national appearance design patents for many times.

After her debut, Wu Tingting has been excellent both technically and theoretically. In 2021, she was honored to be appointed as a visiting professor by the Chinese Art Masters Recommendation Committee.

2021年,对于吴门金鼎的第六代嫡传弟子吴婷婷来讲是不平凡的一年,这一年可以说是成绩斐然,事业辉煌,获奖多多!这一年,吴婷婷获得了“当代国学影响力人物”优秀奖;获得了“中国传统文化终生成就奖”;荣获了“中国传统文化终身成就奖”;被中国艺术名家推荐委员会聘任为客座教授;被2021中国好公司高峰论坛指定服务供应商授予“吴氏金鼎百年老字号”;被中国国际文化传播中心授予“紫砂陶艺传承人”;荣获“中国功勋人物”证书;被艺术家查询中心授予“大国巨匠”荣誉称号;被中华人民共和国文化和旅游部评为“中国工艺美术大师”;中国书画艺术品鉴定评估中心颁发了润格证书;环球新闻网颁发了“非遗紫砂传承人”奖杯;荣获了“冰雪之约 砥砺前行特别推荐艺术家”荣誉证书。

The year 2021 is an extraordinary year for Wu Tingting, the sixth generation disciple of Wu Men Golden Ding. It can be said that this year is a year of remarkable achievements, brilliant career and many awards! This year, Wu Tingting won the "Contemporary Sinology Influential Figure" award of excellence; Won the "Lifetime Achievement Award of Traditional Chinese Culture"; Won the "Chinese Traditional Culture lifetime Achievement Award"; Appointed as visiting professor by the Recommendation Committee of Chinese Famous Artists; Awarded "Wu Jinding Century-old Brand" by the designated Service Provider of 2021 China Good Company Summit Forum; Awarded "Purple sand Pottery Inheritor" by China International Cultural Communication Center; Awarded the certificate of "Chinese Meritorious Figure"; Awarded the honorary title of "Great Master" by the Artist Inquiry Center; Awarded "Master of Chinese Arts and Crafts" by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the People's Republic of China; Chinese painting and calligraphy art Appraisal Center issued the polishing certificate; Global News Network awarded the "intangible heritage of Zisha Inheritor" trophy; I was awarded the honorary certificate of "Ice and Snow Covenant Strength Forward Special Recommended Artist".



为做好北京2022冬奥会、冬残奥会的备战和筹办工作,特举办“炫姿冰雪舞 翰墨迎冬奥”——2022冬奥会、冬残奥会艺术家推介展。中国北京冬季奥运会期间,宣传奥林匹克精神、并弘扬中华文化艺术的精神。用不同的艺术创作方式,向全世界传达出中国的奥林匹克风采!吴婷婷闪亮登场,成为2022中国冬奥会艺术形象大使。


A hundred annuity tripod, female rookie, phoenix wings, gorgeous luster.

This year, the domestic media began to report her deeds and recommend her products. Many media outlets, such as the news network Ink Painting Danqing and the Merit Artist Network, have recommended the beautiful style of Wu Tingting, a new generation of purple sand master, to readers across the country.

In order to prepare for and prepare for the 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games in Beijing, we hereby hold an exhibition of artists of the 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games entitled "Dazzling Ice and Snow Dance with Calligraphy to Welcome the Winter Olympics". During the Winter Olympic Games in Beijing, China, the Olympic spirit was propagated and the spirit of Chinese culture and art was carried forward. The Olympic style of China is conveyed to the world through different artistic creation methods. Wu Tingting made her debut as the artistic ambassador of the 2022 Winter Olympics in China.

The hundred annuity tripod, inherited by six generations, is the pearl in the crown of purple sand industry in China. It has been shining brightly for a hundred years. In modern times, Wu Hailong and Wu Tingting, their father and daughter, have lived up to the orders of their ancestors, lived up to the expectations of the public and the trust of the people of the country, and let the Chinese culture shine brightly in the world. They added color to the nation, for the motherland, was honored by the country, praised by users. As's "West Hancheng" reported on January 3, 2018, "China has risen a star of purple sand culture and art. This star is rising slowly, illuminating not only China, but also the world."

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