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Famous calligrapher Jin lichen uses calligraphy to help fight the epidemic in Wuhan! Go China!



Chinese art star/editor/happy






The common signs of people infected with coronavirus are respiratory symptoms, fever, cough, shortness of breath and dyspnea. In more serious cases, infection can lead to pneumonia, severe acute respiratory syndrome, renal failure, and even death. No novel coronavirus induced disease is currently available. But many symptoms can be treated, so it needs to be treated according to the clinical situation of patients. In addition, supplementary care for infected people may be very effective.

Self protection includes maintaining basic hand and respiratory hygiene, adhering to safe eating habits and avoiding close contact with anyone who shows symptoms of respiratory diseases (such as coughing and sneezing).

Mr. Jin lichen, a famous calligrapher, spent more than eight hours practicing calligraphy at home every day during the epidemic period, and created more than ten calligraphy works to help the epidemic in Wuhan. Come on in Wuhan, come on in China



Famous calligrapher Jin lichen uses calligraphy to help fight the epidemic in Wuhan! Go China!














In June 2014, Jin lichen won the first prize among more than 260 calligraphers in the sixth Harbin (Tangchen Beijian cup) local book TV Grand Prix, and the winning information was reported in more than ten national network media. On December 21, 2014, three works of running script were sold at a high price at a large-scale auction of contemporary famous calligraphers and painters at Fushun Tiantian hotel in Harbin (hosted by Harbin Beige auction company). On August 16, 2015, two works of running script were sold at a high price at a jewelry calligraphy and painting auction of Manhattan Hotel in Harbin (hosted by Harbin Beige auction company). In November 2017, the pictures of calligrapher Mr. Jin lichen's calligraphy works were included in China Post's "harmonious China. Large collection album for celebrating the 20th anniversary of Hong Kong's return", and the sales volume reached the peak of short supply. Many collectors named to collect Mr. Jin lichen's album. In December 2017, an auction of 100 famous Chinese painting masterpieces jointly sponsored by Chinese ink painting studio and Beijing Zhongxuan international auction was held in Hong Kong. Among them, calligrapher Jin lichen's "poetry of persuasion" was widely concerned and loved by enterprises and collectors. After more than ten rounds of bidding, it was finally sold at a price of 10000 yuan. Jin lichen is a famous calligrapher and a calligrapher, who has a deep understanding of the essence of the origin of calligraphy. The calligrapher is also a calligrapher, whose kungfu is the image, shape, and meaning of a word, that is, the body, spirit, artistic conception, skill, momentum, leaping, nature, elegance, style, and constitution. Anyone who has access to these ten realms will be worthy of the name of a famous calligrapher. Jin lichen's calligraphy, the heart of the admirer is sincere and happy. After decades of ink bath, he realized the natural essence of Taoism, understood the essence of calligraphy, and became a famous scholar of calligraphy. The book is round and natural, with a natural structure, powerful force and magnificent atmosphere. It is like the wind of Qin and Han Dynasties and the way of heaven. Jin Lishen's calligraphy is characterized by multiple forces and strong tendons. It is intended to communicate with the spirit and enrich the mind. It is good at using the power of the brush, and its bone and spirit are penetrating. It can be used as a calligraphy tool in one go. The structure of his works is neat, the writing style is full of changes, the square and circle are used together, solemn and generous. The style of writing is the combination of the center and the slant, and the combination of the reverse, the Tibetan and the return. The typical style of writing is wave potential, jump and pick, which shows its strong and powerful power. The calligraphy of bounty Li Chen, with moving spirit in static, is like the natural running water path, with static artistic conception in dynamic, like the gentle breeze. The body is magnificent and powerful, the momentum jumps over the empty and the real, the style is elegant and the rules are wonderful, and the body is obedient to each other and naturally formed. Therefore, every calligrapher, with verve and artistic conception as the peak of the book, does not use force to communicate with God, does not expect work but works by himself, works by himself, and works with virtue. Jin lichen's way of calligraphy is natural. His works are like human character. He is very happy to learn from his talents and virtues! In Baidu, Google and other search engines (calligrapher Jin Lichen) can view tens of thousands of records.


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